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Rick Alford presided over his first full event as Master of the WCHCD and what a way to start, with a bumper evening. 

 In the Court meeting the Master was pleased to clothe Tom Hutley in the Livery of the Company. Well done Tom and welcome to you as our newest Liveryman. 

Common Hall was then opened. This is a very important part of the WCHCD Calendar as it gives the Master, Wardens and Court a chance to report the goings-on of the Company to all members. It is held annually and all are encouraged to attend.

The Court were then joined by Graduates of the CabGuide Course who were received by the Master and presented with their certificates, and the all-important badge, by Past Master Graham Woodhouse and Deputy Master Dave Cannell.

We then adjourned to a reception prior to dinner, after which the Awards Committee Chairman, Past Master Colin Evans, was pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s awards (listed over page). The Master then gave his address (also listed over page) before we were entertained by a wonderful medley of tunes, from Dave Brubeck to the Rolling Stones, by Harpist Valeria Kurbatova.

l to r: Clerk Belinda Tregear, Upper Warden Mick Cullen, Liveryman Tom Hutley, Master’s Consort Maggie Alford, Master Rick Alford, Deputy Master Dave Cannell, Lower Warden Wendy Sorrell, Renter Warden Steve Plumb, Honorary Chaplain The Revd Marcus Walker.

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