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James Rainbird

My year as Master 2010/11 Being Master of The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers was an honour and a privilege that I’ll never forget. Our Company had been growing in stature and respect within the Square Mile since receiving full livery status a few years earlier so my wife Melanie and I were warmly welcomed to many official, and some less formal, functions during the year. Just a couple that stand out were the 300th Anniversary of St Paul’s Cathedral; swan upping on the Thames as a guest of the Vintner’s; herding sheep over London Bridge and of course, the weekend at Ironbridge where I presented a plaque of our armorial to be added to the many already on the walls from fellow livery companies. Our company is now even more respected in the City partially due to our annual Magical Taxi Tour. The fact that this is dealt with ‘hands on’ by company members makes it quite a unique livery charitable event. It takes quite a bit of your time to be Master, and all you’d expect that goes with time commitment, but I would highly recommend Freeman, Liverymen, Court Assistants and of course Wardens to continue progressing through the company. When the time comes, grasp it by the horns and ride one of the best years of your lives! Cheers and be lucky

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