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Well the day finally came, 19th June 2018 my Mistress/consort day! After much

deliberation I decided to host my own event, partly as a thank you to the many consorts that had hosted me but also to show a different side to “the Cab trade”.

Dave the Master has for many years taught the companies City cab guiding course, so what perfect opportunity for us to show this in a treasure hunt around town.

We all met at Bakers Hall, twenty-six consorts and six Cabbies (all drivers having completed the guiding course). Six teams their challenge three section of London with questions on each area and bonus points to be had for collecting treasure and photo’s.

What a sight for sore eyes we were, dashing around Covent Garden, Trinity Square and Borough Market hunting for answers, seeking out famous people to take a photo with and finding our treasure of coffee beans, feathers and much more. Each team embraced the challenge and also acquired new knowledge of our fabulous city courtesy of their Drivers.

Upon our return to Bakers Hall the Master collected the quiz sheets along with our treasures and worked out the winning team, while we had a well-deserved rest. Next a tour of the hall by the charming Beadle Mr Neil Fletcher followed by a delicious afternoon tea where we learnt which team has won the challenge.

First prize went to Greg Smith’s team. Well done!

I would like to say a big “Thank you to all those who gave up their time to help me with my day, everyone had a fabulous time and we also raised some money for the Sherriffs’ and Recorder’s fund.

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